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Want to learn how to write fiction but don't know where to start?

Here's what no one has told you about the process: it's unique to you.

To borrow from a certain movie - you can be shown the door, but you must walk through it.

Sure, you can read books, take courses, listen to podcasts, or even wait outside a monastery in China back in the 1800s if your time machine will take you back that far. But none of these will make you a writer.

I don't say this because you won't learn from these activities, I don't say this because I want to sell you my own course on how to write (I don't have one). I say this because learning to write fiction is not a linear process.

You don't pick up a course, start at lesson 1 and finish at lesson 99 as a fully qualified writer.

You simply are as you do.

I don't know who said that first, but it's true. I hear it all the time on various online forums where I have frequented: "when can I call myself a runner/writer/pick up artist/javelin thrower?"

The plain answer is: when you run/write/pick up women (are there no female pick up artists? Surely there's a niche there!) or when you throw javelins--on a regular basis. Not when you finish a course in doing so, but when you go do the damn thing you wanna call yourself.

There's no one who can read a book on running and then go call themselves a marathon runner. The idea is absurd.

And then there's all the different methods of learning the craft that different writers share. But that's them, not you!

There is only one true way to learn how to write fiction - and that's by a process of incremental progression. Pick up ideas, put them into practice. There's no starting point and there's sure as hell no finishing point. Writing, like any art, is a neverending process that you'll never feel you have mastered.

What you can do is pick up new tips and try them out. And that's what this blog is all about. I'm not a famous writer (yet). I'm not even a hugely successful writer. But somewhere along the way, I discovered the truth I'm sharing with you now,

What I am sharing with you on this blog is a roundup of the most interesting and useful links to blogs, books and courses I have found, which I believe to offer some value to help shape your own unique approach to writing fiction that satisfies your ambition.

There's also a Facebook group if you'd like to interact with other writers and you can find that here.